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According to the different characteristics of CNC lathe processing production
Sep 04, 2018

When machining parts on CNC lathe, there are generally two kinds of conditions. The first situation: there are parts drawings and blanks, to select suitable for machining the part of the CNC lathe. The second situation: already has the numerical control lathe, must select suitable in this machine tool processing the part.

Regardless of the situation, the main factors to be considered are the material and class of the blanks, the size of the parts, the dimensions, the processing accuracy, the number of parts and the requirements of heat treatment. NC turning processing is to have a specific program, the programmer should be based on machine instructions, programming manuals, cutting usage tables, specifications, fixture manuals and other information to analyze the process.

Let us introduce the common sense of programming in this area. Generally in the programming of the workpiece according to the data, contour shape, processing accuracy, such as the selection of suitable machine tools, the preparation of processing plans, determine the processing sequence of parts, the tools used in each process, fixtures and cutting volume.

In addition, programmers should continue to summarize, heap process analysis of practical experience, the preparation of high-quality CNC machining procedures.

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