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CNC Advanced Technology is an important force of industrial development
Sep 04, 2018

Regarding the enterprise, the advanced skill of the CNC lathe is very craving, this not only can improve the production power of the enterprise, but also can progress the processing level and reduce the labor cost has the function of no substitution, also to promote domestic industry to carry out has the important strength. Once processing enterprises to rely on a very high degree of talent, the past mechanical operation, is still required to rely on the skills of accurate old skilled personnel, lathe semi-automatic operation. This will ensure the accuracy of the operation and the quality of the product. However, with the use of CNC lathe skills in the machinery, about this skilled personnel, enterprise, is now no longer so schemes he devises.

Due to their presence, it is no longer appropriate to operate the NC skills standard. Enterprise on the demand for talent, will start gradually to understand the computer programming aspects of the talent needs change, followed by more and more CNC lathe skills, enterprises on the needs of the program personnel will be more and more large. And enterprises will be paid to pay the skills of the money, to the hiring process personnel, for CNC lathe programming procedures. For CNC Lathe Automation operation to provide the basis. And in the production of cent, only the demand will be compiled a good program, stab into the CNC lathe interface, you can give instructions to the CNC lathe, let it according to the specified procedures to standardize the operation. Then arrive at the intention of product automation production. The skill Revolution of NC lathe will also drive the enterprise to carry on the aspect of talent skill. It will change the format of the enterprise. Those with high-tech CNC lathes and skilled personnel, destined to lead peers. Become the new leader.

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