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Different selection of coarse finishing for CNC lathe
Sep 04, 2018

People in the development of lathes from the previous manual processing to the current CNC technology. The precision of processing products, as well as the speed of processing has been greatly improved. Can be said to be the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of science and technology. CNC Lathe is an efficient, high-precision, batch processing production of automatic lathe. Can be processed for different workpieces, only the need to change the adjustment of the CNC Lathe System Control Panel so that its installation of a certain track operation can be completely realized processing.

All parts of their batch processing are at all consistent. Roughing, to greatly improve the production of high power, the need to select a large amount of feed, cutting speed selection of low speed. Then it can greatly improve the power of production.

In the process of machining must play the potential of the lathe, as well as cutting tools. When finishing, the need to ensure that all the scale of the workpiece and the accuracy of the surface is required to meet the requirements, so the need to select a small amount of feed, cutting speed to select a higher speed.

This kind of processing points to ensure the quality of processed products, in the process quality is ensured, in the premise of the method to improve the power of processing.

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