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Effective measures for fixture accuracy error of NC lathe
Sep 04, 2018

The general process system under the effect of cutting force, transmission force, inertia force, clamping force and gravity, the corresponding deformation will occur, and then destroy the correct position between the tool and the workpiece, so that the workpiece has a dash of shape error and scale error. For example, CNC lathe turning slender shaft, in the effect of cutting force, the workpiece due to elastic deformation and the appearance of "Let the knife" phenomenon, so that the workpiece occurs drum shape of the cylindricity error.

For example, in the internal grinder with transverse cut hole, because of the bending deformation of the spindle of the internal grinding head, the hole will be rendered with taper degree of cylindricity error. The practical methods used in the production of NC lathe are as follows: Reduce the surface roughness value of the touch face diameter, enlarge the touch area, properly preload, reduce the touch deformation, improve the touch stiffness, rationally place the rib plate, improve the stiffness of the workpiece, add auxiliary support, improve the stiffness of the work piece, When turning slender shafts, use the center frame or with the tool holder to improve the stiffness of the workpiece, clamp the workpiece reasonably, reduce the clamping deformation, such as the processing of thin-walled sleeve using an open transition ring or a special gripper clamping.

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