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Key points for selecting tool handle of NC lathe
Sep 04, 2018

Select according to the correct shape of the shank of the NC lathe. According to the demand of tool changing, the spindle hole of boring and milling type CNC lathe and its machining center is more than 7:24 taper of self-lock, but the shank of the tool holder and machine is not completely consistent. Some shanks have a cylindrical head at the small end of the 7:24 taper. While others are not, it is remarkable that it does not fit into international norms. As for the specification of the main shaft hole of the machine tool for the active tool changing machine, it should be concluded that the selected machine should be matched with the handle of the same specification. The selection of the tool holder to the machine tool spindle hole Specification (No. 30th, 40th or 45th) is consistent.

And the grasp of the shank to be able to get used to the position of the manipulator, the shape of the nail, the size of the spindle and the tension mechanism to match each other. According to the NC lathe typical parts of the processing technology to select. CNC lathe on the use of drilling, expansion, reaming, boring and milling, tapping and other useful tool holders, its specifications will reach more than hundreds of kinds of. and users buy only a detailed machine, the user can only be processed on this machine is a typical part of the processing technology to be selected.

This can not only satisfy the basic processing needs, but also does not form a backlog, is useful to close the selection method. Match the number according to the shank. The matching number of the tool holder is related to the variety, specification and quantity of the parts to be processed by the machine, and is also related to the degree of clutter, the load of the machine, and is generally a double or a half times the required quantity. Due to the combination of machine work, a certain number of holders are being pre-tuned and perhaps trimmed. As long as there is a lack of machine load, it is twice times or less than twice times. Machining Center Tool Library capacity of a double or a half times the ability to satisfy the general active processing requirements.

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