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Selection of Machining path for NC lathe
Sep 04, 2018

1. To the point machining of CNC lathes, such as drilling, boring machine, to consider shortening the path of the road as far as possible, in order to reduce empty time, improve processing power.

2. In order to ensure that the workpiece outlines the appearance of the appearance of quality requirements, after all, should be arranged in the last pass processing in succession.

3. Cutting tool into and out of the road must be seriously considered, to try to prevent the general stop at the knife or straight cut, cut to work pieces, so as to avoid leaving marks (the cutting force of the change in Russia and the formation of elastic deformation). 

4. Milling summary of the processing road to be reasonably selected, the general selection of three ways to walk, including the Z-shaped double-direction approach, one-way approach, CNC lathe Ring-cutter method. Milling off the concave summary, the cutting tool or cut out of the extension is not allowed, preferably on both sides of the junction, otherwise, will occur. 

5. Rotating body parts of the general selection of CNC lathe or CNC grinder processing, because turning parts of the blank is more than a bar or forgings, processing allowance is large and uneven, so reasonable to formulate rough machining road, about programming is crucial.

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