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The comparison between NC lathe and ordinary lathe
Sep 04, 2018

Product production efficiency is very high, ordinary lathe production of a number of products after the replacement of the mold, the new machinery to make an adjustment, and this kind of lathe do not need to do these operations, can be more products to achieve continuous processing, greatly improve the product processing efficiency. With high flexibility performance, CNC lathe machining workpiece, mainly depends on the system program, and the ordinary lathe has a very big difference. No need to manufacture, with changing fixtures, molds, and do not need to constantly adjust the lathe. Thus the NC car is more suitable for the field of exchange, suitable for processing small parts products, as well as small quantities of products.

Effectively shorten the production and processing time, greatly saving the cost of process products processing. CNC lathe and ordinary lathe processing products progress, CNC lathe using modern control.

Processing products are required to set the same process, the trajectory of the product is the same, thus greatly packaging the stability of the product processing performance.

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