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The Development Trend of the Machining Industry - Intelligent Life, Intelligent Production
Jan 08, 2019

Currently people are living in a "Smart" life,Smart Technology is applied in many aspects in the society,such as "Smart Home" techonology,we can control all applications in our home,like light,temperature,sound,window,door...etc.We are very closed to this technology because these years we are supplying hardware parts like aluminum frames,panels,enclosures,stainless steel parts to our clients who are professional in Smart Home filed.

We can see Intelligent technology will become more and more common in the future,coverring every aspect of our life,as well as machining industry,which our factory engaged in currently.

Intelligent manufacturing machinery technology is progressing with the development of social economy, and gradually shows the characteristics of precise self-discipline, human-machine integration, sensory recognition, super-flexibility, strong learning and self-maintenance. Nowadays, professional technicians are gradually trying to apply intelligent manufacturing machinery to real-world social production, and the role of replacing human resources in welding, palletizing, sorting, docking and high-risk working environments is increasingly apparent, with high precision and speed. Features such as long working hours, liberating labor and low-cost operation are increasingly welcomed by the manufacturing industry.
Many business executives said that the annual cost of labor will not grow, and the things that companies sell are not necessarily price increases. Coupled with the high-tech talents that are in line with the long-term development of enterprises, many entrepreneurs will The goal is to become the first choice for intelligent machining. “Intelligent machining has obvious advantages in both precision and output. It has a natural advantage for equipment manufacturing equipment that is customized for personal development.” The cost of initial investment may be relatively large, but long-term. A comparison will reveal that the cost is still a lot less than it is.
As intelligent manufacturing technology has promoted and stimulated the development of strategic emerging industries to a certain extent, it will become the core to support the development of strategic emerging industries and enhance international competitiveness in the future. Therefore, talent is very important, but it is also the trend of the future to find ways to make your company intelligent.

As a manufacturer specialized in machining and having stable business,in the future we will bring in more and more intelligent techonogy in machining and management,so as to catch up with the society trend and save cost for our client.
Let's work & live in a more "Smart" style!Keep peace with the times!

Intelligent Life

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