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Automatic Processing Program Of CNC Lathe
Sep 04, 2018

CNC Lathe is now a modern representative of the processing machinery, most countries will be CNC lathe skill content is now included in a country's industrial development situation.

CNC equipment is now active equipment, so the CNC lathe is also one of the active equipment, its procedures are digital transmission, the following to introduce the NC Lathe active processing program analysis. According to the NC lathe rules of instruction code and program layout to write into a processing program, and then the contents of this program is recorded in the control medium (such as perforated tape, tape, disk, magnetic bubble memory), and then input to the numerical control lathe CNC equipment, and then command machine tool processing parts. From the analysis of the part drawing to the process of making the control medium is called NC programming. CNC Lathe and general machine tool parts of the difference lies in the control machine is in accordance with the process of active processing parts, and the general machine to be operated by people, we only need to change the operation of the machine to manipulate the program can achieve the intention of processing different parts.

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