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Extruded Aluminum Cases
Nov 30, 2018

As a manufacturer with flexible manufacturing capacity like CNC machining,sheet metal fabrication,extrution,stamping,plastic prototyping,we meet a lot of custommers who need extruded manufacturing service.And now we would like to talk about this progress.

Aluminum profile processing, aluminum profile extrusion machine special new high-temperature lubricant, replacing traditional high-pollution products, smoke-free, high environmental protection, creating a comfortable production workshop, workers are easy to operate, durable, and loved by operation, thus solving the problem In the past, it was difficult to recruit workers in polluted environments, and it also responded to the national high environmental protection policy and low carbon living requirements.

It is also suitable for steel plate rolling lubricant, titanium metal casting lubricant, new high temperature lubricant, high temperature resistance up to 1500 ° C, excellent lubricating performance, water-based, non-toxic, non-polluting, high environmental protection, with superior film-forming adhesion. It has a strong force and does not react with molten metal (such as aluminum, copper, steel, etc.) or glass melter. It still retains the special effects of lubrication, release, oxidation and anti-adhesive at high temperatures. Spraying the product can prevent the contact surface from corrosion and increase the service life. Its unique lubricity and non-stickiness are much higher than similar products, which can make the product bright, smooth and high-grade after molding, especially for difficult difficulty. Processing, the effect is even more significant.

Scope of application:

1. Aluminum rod production, aluminum extrusion industry, aluminum die casting, aluminum casting, magnesium, titanium, lead and other metal low pressure, gravity casting lubrication release

2. Evaporation, sputtering, vacuum plating evaporation boat, electroplating as a protective agent, coating agent

3. High temperature protection, lubrication, release release, oxidation resistance, metal welding solder coating

4. Metal casting, forging, extrusion industry

5. Glass industry, high temperature resistant oxidation resistant coating, dry lubrication interface, corrosion resistant interface

6. High temperature sintering smelting tool and non-stick

7. Metal parts are lubricated, and bearings are used under high temperature and high wear conditions.

8. Metal forming release agent and metal wire drawing lubricant.

9. High-voltage high-frequency electricity and plasma arc insulators.

10. Do a variety of capacitor film aluminum plating, tube aluminum plating and other evaporation boats.

11. All kinds of fresh-keeping aluminum-plated packaging bags, all kinds of laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum plating, trademark hot stamping materials, various cigarette labels, beer labels, packaging boxes, aluminum boxes for cigarette packaging, etc.

12. Metallurgical separation ring for continuous casting steel, flow notch of amorphous iron, release agent for continuous casting of aluminum.

So far,as a manufacturer,our manufacturing progresses on extrution is very mature that we meet client's flexible request.

One-stop service provided: we can assist on products design,drawings,manufacturing parts and do the assembly till we get a completed product.

extruded aluminum case_副本Panels with brushing + black anodizing surfac treatment,we can see silkscreen is very tight and clear.Good job!

extruded aluminum case 1 (复制)

Holes fits the PCB perfectly!Our automatic laser cutting machine can do accuraccy as +/- 0.01mm.

extruded aluminum case 3

extruded aluminum case 2 (复制)

This extruded case unit is applied to telecome communication industry,and we can change the desing according to customized request.

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