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Laser Cutting Processing Technology Of Sheet Metal Workshop
Sep 04, 2018

Sheet Metal Workshop Laser cutting processing using CO2 laser or YAC laser, for two and three-dimensional cutting processing, with high cutting precision characteristics. Laser source power size range, from 5W to 90kW have a series of products, sheet metal parts of the laser cutting process is mainly the use of 100w~1500w power laser. When the output power of laser source is less than 1500W, the laser source is Single mode oscillation mode,

0.2mm width can be cut, the power cut after clean and flat, when the output power of the laser source is greater than 1500w, the laser source is multimode oscillation mode, can be cut 1mm width, but the power cut after a small amount of dirt. For thick plate cutting need to use auxiliary gas, auxiliary gas including air, oxygen and nitrogen, wherein nitrogen can be cut in the process to prevent the oxidation of the surface, oxygen is suitable for high-speed cutting plate thickness. Sheet Metal Workshop Laser cutting can use CAD or CAM technology, for machining workpiece model and laser to provide processing information and processing parameters, can quickly and high-precision production, to achieve automated cutting.

Laser cutting, in particular, need to replace the mold, can achieve a shorter production preparation cycle, production cost reduction effect. Sheet Metal Workshop Laser cutting processing technology as a new process, is the product of modern science development, laser cutting technology, laser welding technology, laser drilling technology and laser forming technology in the sheet metal car into the production and processing of the technical personnel also need skilled manipulation. With the development of laser material processing technology, the production and processing of sheet metal workshop is bound to achieve stability, reliability, efficiency and high degree of automation.

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