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More Details About Our Sheet Metal Production
Nov 05, 2018

As we are a manufacturer agenged in CNC machining,sheet metal fabrication and related processing,most of our customers are from other different conturies,and some of them haven't have a chance to visit us.

But please no worry,we will post some details of our workshop on website so that you can understand us more even you are far away.

If you need any of our service please feel free to contact us!

  1. This is our automatic laser cutting machine!

With very accurate tolerance(+/-0.1mm),when you set the drawings in the machine,it will cut automatically according to your drawings,so we can finish our sheet metal components order very fast and provide a short lead-time for our customers.

Material applicable:aluminum,brass,steel,galvanized sheet plate...etc.

Fly cutting also available.


We mainly engaged in customized hardware parts manufacturing, CNC machining and sheet metal stamping, precision laser cutting and related progresses.


With customers from USA, Germany, Austrialia, Italy, Canada,Span, Armenia,Russia, Israel,Korea…many different areas all over the world,and hope to find a way to cooperate with you!


All of our products are in high quality grade as a result of nearly 10 years of production,and we are more than happy to help with the shipping process too!

Please feel free to send me related inquiry for further discussion!

Thank you!

WhatsApp:+86 15016660140
Skype: skateryoky

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