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Sheet Metal Processing Application
Jan 16, 2019

As we know sheet metal parts are widely applied in many different fields.Sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, and good mass production performance. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, automotive industry, medical equipment, etc. In computer cases, mobile phones, and MP3s, sheet metal is an indispensable component. With the increasing use of sheet metal, the design of sheet metal parts has become an important part of the product development process. Mechanical engineers must be proficient in the design skills of sheet metal parts, so that the design of sheet metal meets the product. The functions and appearance requirements make the stamping die simple to manufacture and low in cost.

Laser drilling technology is the earliest practical laser technology in laser material processing technology. Laser drilling in sheet metal workshops generally uses pulsed lasers with high energy density and short time. It can process small holes of 1μm. It is especially suitable for processing small holes with a certain angle and thin material. It is also suitable for processing hardness. Deep holes and tiny holes in parts of higher or brittle softer materials.

The laser can realize the drilling of the burner parts of the gas turbine, and the punching effect can realize the three-dimensional direction, and the number can reach thousands. Perforable materials include stainless steel, inconel and HASTELLOY based alloys. Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of the material, making automation easier.

Under the development of laser drilling technology, the laser cutting machine realizes the automatic operation. The application in the sheet metal industry has changed the processing method of the traditional sheet metal technology, realized the unmanned operation, greatly improved the production efficiency and realized the whole process. The automatic operation has promoted the development of the sheet metal economy, and has improved the level of the punching effect, and the processing effect is remarkable.

We are factory with our own sheet metal fabrication workshop with automatic laser cutting machines.

And we also have a design team who can provide one-stop service for clients.

Please contact us for building a business relationship.

Thank you!

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