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Some Common Sense And Processing Methods Of Sheet Metal
Sep 04, 2018

The laser cutting machine's compressed air-assisted cutting also achieves the same cutting edge quality as oxygen or nitrogen. The edges of the cut need to be adequately cleaned to allow the majority of the powder coating to adhere and do not require two cleaning. The size of the resonator is the main limitation of the use of compressed air-assisted laser cutting.

But now, the high power laser cutting machine in the 4000w becomes an effective method of air-assisted cutting steel, stainless steel and up to 1/8 inches thick (about 3mm) aluminum material. Laser cutters with 6000w resonators can be cut to a thickness of 3/8 inches (approx. 9.5mm) material. The discovery changed the manufacturing and assembly methods of the Missouri, Palmyra (Palmyra) Company (Doyle) for more than 50 years, the Cincinnati Company (Cincinnatiinc. Will shorten the processing time of 90% cl-940 fiber laser cutting machine, and use nitrogen only equivalent to the original air-assisted gas fiber laser cutting system of a small fraction of the cost. "This new fiber laser cutter has changed the rules of the game and changed the way we think about product manufacturing," Doyle said.

In fact, laser technology continues to amaze us and to innovate the way the industry has been in existence for years. Hcf3015i Series Fiber laser industry in recent years has been launched this year to promote the introduction of energy-enabling photoelectric cutting machine, optical fiber transmission, flexible processing to meet a variety of processing needs. 1mm stainless steel plate, the highest cutting speed of 22 m/min, 0.5mm stainless steel plate, the maximum cutting speed of up to 40 m/year. The Hcf3015i series is equipped with a dual switch meter, while the cutting table is equipped with the processing ball, easy plate motion, positioning the plate to the coarse positioning device, while preventing movement, high processing accuracy, reduce waste.

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