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The Characteristics Of CNC Lathe In China
Sep 04, 2018

The core CNC technology is more intelligent. It is reported that in the new industry exhibition, China's independent research and development of CNC Lathe Intelligent control system has been a great concern.

This system integrates information, motion control, electronics, machine tools and other technologies to realize the core functions of intelligent, automatic and management digitization of CNC lathe. Humanized to meet the diverse needs of customers.

CNC lathe production in China in addition to meet the industry standards, in the accuracy, efficiency, stability and other aspects have a greater improvement, and more valuable is that the integrated module design is easier to maintain, the greatest extent to meet the needs of customers, so that the control of CNC lathe more humane. The large population of the country, the world's most populous nation, has a lot of labor, which makes China the largest manufacturing market. In recent years, the domestic manufacturing brake production mode of attention, the application and demand for CNC lathe gradually increased. As an indispensable mainstream equipment in automatic production, the independent production and management of CNC lathe is related to the development of China's manufacturing industry.

Therefore, the emergence of domestic CNC lathe is imperative. With the development of these years, the domestic CNC lathe has a certain scale. Since the 80 's, our country has only introduced the related equipment and technology for the first time, in order to make our manufacturing industry, industry and so on from "extensive type" to "intensive type" to prepare. Despite the gradual use of CNC lathes, precision CNC core technology, core equipment is still in the hands of developed countries. This shows that the development of our manufacturing industry in key regions is still cowgirl. In order to get rid of this dilemma, in order to better serve the manufacturing industry, but also in order to demonstrate the strength and essence of Chinese-style manufacturing, CNC lathe production and operation of our factory Unite, catch up, and strive to make domestic CNC lathe shine.

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