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The Declaration Of Conflict Minerals
Sep 27, 2018

As a professional supplier specialize in CNC machining, turning, CNC cutting, sheet metal fabrication…etc, who always devote ourselves to heathy worldwide industrial development, Shenzhen ZONE KX Technology Co.,Ltd insists on playing a responsible role in goal of global society, carrying out policy of purchasing morally, promoting sustainable development of the industrial chain.

conflict minerals” means the minerals like ”Tin”,” Tantalum”,”Glod”,” Tungsten”…etc, those native to Democratic Republic of Congo and its around countries. Selling these kinds of minerals may support the financial of the armed conflicts of these countries. We Zone KX pays High attention to this problem and takes action to deal with it.

Our parts are widely applied to electronic industry like Smart Home, Radio/Video, Telecom, Communication…and so on.

Problem of Conflict Minerals always gets worldwide attention in electronic and other industries. This is a complicated issue that requests all enterprises, governments and non-governmental organization to promise and cooperate together. Zone KX Technology reject to purchase Conflict Minerals and does not support to use them.

We not only forbid all suppliers purchasing Conflict Minerals but also request our direct suppliers to carry out this policy to their junior suppliers.
Here is a Decralation of Conflict Minerals of Zone KX,we promise all our materials used for CNC machining,metal stamping,turing,milling...etc,don't include any 3TG materials!

Shenzhen Zone KX supports to solve society responsibility problem of supply chain via industry cooperation, and we will continue to carry out the conflict minerals sourcing policy, try our best to cooperate with clients and suppliers to find continuable solutions for solving Conflict Minerals problem.


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