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The Reason Of High Machining Efficiency Of NC Machine
Sep 04, 2018

CNC machine is a modern development of machinery, it is composed of information carrier, CNC equipment, servo system and machine tool body four parts. Compared to the general lathe, its processing power has been significantly improved, and some of the past difficult to process or can not process the workpiece can also be processed, can say that CNC machinery to our daily life has brought unlimited advantages.

Below give us to analyze the above four core components of CNC machinery Introduction.

Information carriers, such as perforated paper tapes, punched cards, tapes, and disks, are used to record the contents of the program, and are transmitted to numerical control equipment by reading devices such as optical tape readers, tape drives and disk drivers. CNC equipment is the core of CNC machinery, which is often said NC (General numerical control equipment) or CNC (Computer numerical control equipment), NC machine is the beginning of the development of a way, CNC machines are now mostly using CNC system.

The function of the numerical control equipment is to withstand the input processing information, after decoding processing and operation, announced the corresponding command pulse to the servo system, the end of parts processing. Servo system is a part of the performance of CNC machinery, composed of electric motor and transmission equipment.

The servo system is subjected to the command pulse signal from the numerical control equipment, which controls the displacement and speed of the motion of the machine tool (workbench or tool holder). Machine body is mainly mechanical parts, including main moving parts, feed moving parts and supporting parts. In terms of CNC machinery parts, mechanical parts structure is more simple than general machine tools, but its technical specifications are higher than the general machine.

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