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The Technological Content Of CNC Lathe
Sep 04, 2018

1, multi-function, composite. Today, only a CNC lathe that can cast or process a modular piece is difficult to satisfy the needs of a composite production enterprise.

Thus, a multi-function, composite lathe, can end the car, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming and reaming a variety of operating procedures will give enterprises more cost savings, create more benefits. 

2, high intelligence. Scientific and technological content can never be separated from the intelligent content of the machine, especially in the CNC lathe This kind of active equipment, the system to end the processing power high, high quality, high driving performance, easy to connect, simple and humanized operation, active programming, intelligent monitoring, intelligent diagnosis and so on, then can greatly save manpower cost and maintenance costs. 

3, faster, more accurate accuracy. High-speed equipment can be useful to improve the production rate of enterprises, and precision equipment can greatly improve the product qualification rate. If the precision of a CNC lathe can be improved from micron level to sub-micron level or even to nano-scale accuracy rate, then produce the product quality will be much higher than other similar products on the market.

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