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Upgrading Of Ordinary Lathe To CNC Lathe
Sep 04, 2018

Society needs progress, science and technology is the driving force, ancestors to create objects, it takes a lot of time and energy, even if the processing of a small part, you have to go through a number of steps to cast grinding. Although a lot of works are exquisite, become the world's eyes of the baby, but that is a minority. How many people spend a lot of time to make parts and objects will eventually only be consumed in daily life.

Time and energy, which cannot be measured by money, have become extremely inexpensive. With the advent of CNC lathes, it all became different. Numerical control machine tools are literally interpreted as numerical control machines. Machine tools are used to make objects, mainly for metal parts and the like. Originally replaced by the manual is the ordinary machine tools, the characteristics of ordinary machine tools are manual operation more, this will be the case of large errors, rework is more. Productivity is naturally falling. Although more than the original pure manual operation is much better, but after all immature, still rely on labor. As the upgrade of the ordinary machine tools, the NC lathe has improved the shortcomings of the original lathe. CNC lathe only need to the parameters of the object input control system, you can produce very precise objects. This undoubtedly reduces the artificial tedious and rework phenomenon, the worker from the intense intensive labor liberation, the production efficiency also greatly enhances.

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