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What Should You Pay Attention To In Sheet Metal Fabrication?
Jan 08, 2019

With a professional sheet metal manufacturing workshop,we are supplying sheet metal parts for cients in high end quality and service.

Then usually what shall we pay attention to during the manufacturing?

Sheet metal structural parts processing quality inspection: 

1. All sheet metal processing parts must meet the requirements of drawings and processes. 

2. After the mold is used up, check that the tail piece meets the requirements of the drawings and enter the warehouse together. The general mold of the switchgear is not stored in the warehouse. Sheet metal processing safety production precautions: 1 Strictly operate according to the operating procedures, set the equipment. 2 Wear the specified labor insurance products. 

3. During the operation, the spirit should be concentrated. 

4. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the upper and lower molds. Before taking protective measures, try to avoid bursting. When processing small parts, you must use tweezers or other special tools. 

5. When machining and bending, the parts that are dropped on the cutting edge of the mold should not be placed in time before the second part, blanking and punching are not taken out. Otherwise, it is not allowed to continue to punch. 

6. After the power is cut off, the slider is free to fall and the punch that is used for continuous operation is strictly prohibited. 

7. The mold is not tightened, the gap is not adjusted, and the machine is not allowed to start. 

8. Deformable curved parts, the surface easy to scratch parts should be neatly discharged and packed, and should not be stacked. 

9. For non-metallic workpieces, the mold and table should be cleaned before processing to avoid soiling the workpiece. 

In the processing of sheet metal, there are many places to pay attention to, our workers need to strictly control the quality, but also pay attention to the above safety in the production process, in order to make the sheet metal processing products do better!

 We are always keeping running to being a better and better supplier for you!

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