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Plastic Manufacturing

  • Home Appliance Plastic Case

    Home Appliance Plastic Case
    Main Specification :
    3d plastic printing service, 3d printer rapid prototyping, 3d printing service abs pp plastic rapid prototype
    More Details:...
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  • Customized Plastic 3D Printing

    Customized Plastic 3D Printing
    Main Specification:
    Plastic rapid prototyping, customized plastic CNC machining, customized 3D plastic printing
    Details Description:
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  • 3D Printing of Electronic Products

    3D Printing of Electronic Products
    Main Description:
    Customized 3d Printing, ABS Plastic 3D Printing, ABS Plastic Fabrication, CNC Machining, Rapid Prototype Models Service
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  • Plastic 3D Printing Service

    Plastic 3D Printing Service
    Key Specification:
    3D Printing Model/3D Printing Service/Model Making Service/ SLA /SLS Rapid Prototype
    Detailed Description:
    Product Name:...
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  • Plastic Electrical Enclosure

    P lastic Electrical Enclosure
    Main Specification:
    Customized plastic enclosures, cheap plastic electrical enclosure, factory price plastic enclosure
    More Details:
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  • Customized Electrical Plastic Case

    Customized Electrical Plastic Case
    Main Description:
    We are specialized in all kinds of aluminum & plastic enclosure for many years.
    More Details:
    Material: Aluminum,...
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  • Daily Appliance Plastic Case

    Daily Appliance Plastic Case
    Main Specification:
    Small Plastic Electronic Part, Home Appliance Plastic Cases, Customized Plastic Products
    More Details:
    1. Product: Custom...
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  • Mobile Phone Tablet Case

    Mobile Phone tablet Case
    Main Description:
    Plastic rapid prototyping, plastic mobile phone tablet case,
    Prototype plastic
    More Information:
    Mobile phone, tablet...
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  • Telecome Plastic Parts

    T elecom Plastic Parts
    Main Description:
    Used for walkie-talkies, and small remote controls, as well as massagers, light guides and laser lenses, mainly producing products such as...
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  • Consumer Electronics Plastic Enclosures

    Consumer Electronics Plastic Enclosures
    Main Specification:
    The enclosures we make applicable to all small appliances, handheld game consoles, home appliances: Set-top boxes are one of...
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We are ISO approved plastic manufacturing manufacturers and suppliers, providing the best manufacturing service. Our factory is mainly engaged in the sheet metal fabrication. Welcome to buy customized plastic manufacturing at competitive price here.
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